Math UConn REU at JMM 2018

Two of our REU (2017 Stochastics) participants, Raji Majumdar and Anthony Sisti, will be presenting posters Applications of Multiplicative LLN and CLT for Random Matrices and Black Scholes using the Central Limit Theorem on Friday, January 12 at the MAA Student Poster Session, and both of them will be giving talks on Saturday, January 13 at the AMS Contributed Paper Session on Research in Applied Mathematics by Undergraduate and Post-Baccalaureate Students.

Their travel to the 2018 JMM has been made possible with the support of the MAA and UConn’s OUR travel grants.

Financial Math: Portfolio Optimization and Dynamic Programming

Group Members



Fabrice Baudoin, Berend Coster, Phanuel Mariano



Financial markets obviously have asymmetry of information. That is, there are different type of traders whose behavior is induced by different types of information that they possess. Let us consider a “small” investor who trades in a arbitrage free financial market so as to maximize the expected utility of her wealth at a given time horizon. We assume that she possesses extra information about the future price of a stock. Our basic question is: What is the value of this information ?

To answer the question, we will consider some standard basic discrete models of financial markets, like binomial trees and solve the portfolio optimization problem with asymmetry of information by developing  dynamic programming tools.