Overview of 2018 Math UConn REU program


The Mathematics Department at the University of Connecticut will run an REU program in the summer of 2018. The principal objective of our NSF and UCONN CLAS funded REU program is to involve undergraduate students in cutting-edge mathematics research. We are interested in students who are curious about mathematics, regardless of previous research experience. Our program, from its start in 2006, gives undergraduate students an opportunity to be exposed to the fundamentals of scientific research, experience the intellectual delights of discovery, and explore possibilities for future careers in science. The program has produced a number of publications with student co-authors. Those who come from liberal arts colleges or branch campus backgrounds and may not have as many research opportunities at their home colleges or universities are especially encouraged to apply.

This year’s program will involve:

2018 Mentors

Math REU coordinator: Luke Rogers

Fractals 2018: Analysis, Probability, and Mathematical Physics on Fractals — Luke Rogers, Gamal Mograby, Sasha Teplyaev, Patricia Alonso-Ruiz

Financial Math 2018: Portfolio Optimization and Dynamic Programming — Fabrice Baudoin, Berend Coster, Phanuel Mariano


Applicants who are US nationals will be eligible for NSF funding (support includes a room in our modern university housing facilities, a small meal and travel allowance, and a stipend of $4350); applications from non-US students will be considered, however such applicants are also encouraged to seek funding from other sources.

Participants will spend 10 weeks (May 29 — August 3) working in teams, researching problems of current interest, training in mathematical writing and speaking, using mathematical software, and learning about career opportunities in mathematics. The exact choice of the topics to study will depend on the students’ background and interests. An active social program is coordinated with a number of other REU programs on campus.

The program is open to math and science majors who are in their sophomore or junior year and are U.S. citizens or permanent residents. Women and minority students are particularly encouraged to apply.