Probability, Analysis and Mathematical Physics on Fractals 2018

Each year we are looking for a group of undergraduate students to work on Probability, Analysis and Mathematical Physics on Fractals. The aim of the projects will be exploration of differential equations and various operators on fractal domains. Students in the project are supposed to have the usual background in linear algebra and differential equations. Knowledge of Matlab, Mathematica, other computer algebra systems, or programming, as well as proof writing, mathematical analysis, and probability may be helpful but is not required. Previous undergraduate work includes published papers on the eigenmodes (vibration modes) of the Laplacian (2nd derivative) of functions that live on Sierpinski gasket type fractals, and the electrical resistance of fractal networks, as well as work on Laplacians on projective limit spaces. The exact choice of the topics to study will depend on the students’ background and interests. Besides being interesting, taking part in a research project like this may be very useful in the future (for instance, when applying to graduate schools).

Luke Rogers, Gamal Mograby, Sasha Teplyaev, Patricia Alonso-Ruiz