Fractals: Luke Rogers, Sasha Teplyaev, Patricia Alonso-Ruiz , Gamal Mograby

Math Ed: Fabiana Cardetti

Stochastics: Masha GordinaPhanuel Mariano, Fabrice Baudoin, Sasha Teplyaev, Patricia Alonso-Ruiz




Alphabetical list of past mentors:

List of People
Ulysses AndrewsUlysses Andrews

Project: Wave Propagation through a Fractal Medium
Antoni BrzoskaAntoni Brzoska

Projects: Power Dissipation in Fractal AC CircuitsSpectrum of the Magnetic Laplacian on the Diamond Fractal
Joe ChenJoe Chen

Project: Stochastic Stabilization of Planar Flows
Kyle EvansKyle Evans

Project: Mathematics and Intercultural Competence in the Middle School
Gabriel FeinbergGabriel Feinberg

Projects: Exploring Learning Difficulties in Multivariable Calculus, Resources to Aid the Transition into an IBL Mathematics Course, An Inquiry Based-Approach to Teaching Parametrization
Dan KelleherDan Kelleher

Projects: Spectrum of the Magnetic Laplacian on the Sierpinski Gasket, Measurable Riemannian Structure on Higher Dimensional Sierpinski Gaskets, Determining the Spectrum of the Laplacian on 3N-Gaskets, Analyzing Properties of the C. Elegans Neural Network: Mathematically Modelling a Biological System, The Strichartz Hexacarpet and Higher Dimensional Analogues
Steven LemaySteven Lemay

Project: Investigating the Interplay of Argumentation and Mathematics in Classroom Tasks
Gamal Mograby


Office location: Mont 413

Khrystyna SerhiyenkoKhrystyna Nechyporenko

Project: Minimal Length Maximal Green Sequences
Hugo Panzo
Fan Ny ShumFan Ny Shum

Project: Stochastic Stabilization of Planar Flows
Benjamin SteinhurstBenjamin Steinhurst

Projects: Quantum Mechanics on Laakso Spaces, From Self-Similar Structures to Self-Similar Groups, Spectrum and Heat Kernel Asymptotics on General Laakso Spaces, Modified Hanoi Tower Groups and Limit Spaces, Eigenmodes of a Laplacian on a Laakso Space
Rebecca TramelRebecca Tramel

Project: Frobenius Splitting of Projective Toric Varieties