UCONN Math REU at REU Conference at UMass Amherst 2019

Our REU participants will be giving talks on July 23rd, 2019 at the REU Conference at UMass Amherst 2019.

Fractals projects:

  • Resistance scaling on the Octacarpet  (Claire Canner, William Huang, Michael Orwin)
  • Decimation structure of the spectra of self-similar groups (Brett Hungar, Madison Phelps, Johnathan Wheeler)
  • Can we hear the shape of a fractal? Spectral analysis of self-similar sets (Elizabeth Melville, Nikhil Nagabandi)

Stochastic and Financial Mathematics project:

  • Hedging by Sequential Regression in Generalized Discrete Models and the Follmer-Schweizer
    decomposition (Sarah Boese, Tracy Cui, Sam Johnston)

Markov Chains projects:

  • A Version of the Elephant Random Walk and Additive Functionals of Finite State Markov Chains (Jonah Green, Taylor Meredith, Rachel Tan)
  • The Voter Model on Complete Bipartite Graphs ( Philip Speegle, R Oliver Vandenberg)
  • On a Nonlinear Random Walk on Graphs (Jonah Botvinick-Greenhouse, Connor Fitch, Mark Kong)

Additional information and abstract list: REU Conference at UMass Amherst 2019