2020 Math REU Conference

Conference Plan

This conference is part of an annual series in which Math REU students from various colleges in the northeast have presented the work done in their summer research projects. This year’s participants come from Amherst College, UConn, UMass, Williams College, and Yale University. There will be another one in 2021, hosted by our friends at the UConn Markov chains REU.

The conference will be partly synchronous and partly asynchronous.  Talks and posters will be available for viewing and discussion in advance, and on the conference day, Thursday July 30th, there will be a discussion forum for each talk held using the Zoom videoconferencing platform.  Links to talks and posters are listed with the discussion forum schedule below.

Conference Schedule

On Thursday July 30th the following conference events are scheduled.  All times are US Eastern, but have been chosen to accommodate the participation of students who are working remotely around the country.

The phrase Zoom Room j is a link to the zoom room in which the discussion section will occur. The title of the talk or poster is a link to a video of the talk or to the poster.

We were going to have a separate comments system, but it was not so robust, so you are encouraged to enable comments on your videos so that people can ask questions or make comments in advance.

Schedule by room

Sometimes it is nice to know what will happen next in the room you are in. Especially if you are the moderator! This list should facilitate that.

Zoom Room 1

Zoom Room 2

Zoom Room 3